White blood cells are a type of leukocyte, which is a class of white blood cells with the job of defending your body from foreign invaders.

They are tiny in size but powerful - capable of fighting off viruses, bacteria, and other invaders by releasing substances that fight them

White blood cells are a type of cell that helps the body defend against infection.

There are many factors that can influence white blood cell levels.

1. Age: As you get older, your white blood cell levels may decrease.

2. Sex: Women have a higher number of white blood cells than men do

3. Race: White people have more white blood cells than people of other races do

4. Health conditions: If you have certain health conditions, your white blood cell levels may be affected.une system.

5. Medications: Some medications can also influence your white blood cell level. For example, some chemotherapy drugs can reduce the number

The most common types of WBCs are lymphocytes and monocytes.

Chronic diseases will become more common. When the immune system is not able to keep up with the increasing number of infections,

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